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    Here’s what 731 tradesmen told us about their preferred brands of 6 common tools.

  • FastCap Magnetic Dust Door

    An easy way to pass in and out of protected space

  • Product Watch: FastCap Folding Pocket Chisel

    FastCap's new folding Pocket Chisel will ride easily in your tool pouch, and the nylon handle protects the sharp edge from dulling or cutting its way through your pouch and into your leg.

  • FastCap Pocket Chisel

    FastCaps' Pocket Chisel is protected by its own folding handle and is tough enough — according to the maker — to withstand hammer blows.

  • Hot Finds: Palm Nailer / Saw Hood

    Grip-Rite says its 16D mini palm nailer offers the performance of a pro tool but in a compact package that's one-third the size and weight of traditional palm nailers. The GRTMP16 drives up to 16D nails up to 3-1/2 inches long at 70?110-psi operating pressure. It features a magnetic nose to hold...