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  • Hot Finds: Fein Power Tools Two-Stage HEPA Vacuum

    The wet/dry vacs in Fein Power Tools' Turbo line are designed with 0.3-micron Tier-II HEPA filters to comply with the new RRP rule, says the maker.

  • Launch Time 2010: Fein Power Tools SuperCut Cordless Oscillating Tool

    The company that introduced oscillating detail tools again leads the field with the first battery-powered professional-grade oscillating tool.

  • TOOLS of the TRADEshow-STAFDA 2009 Edition

    Last week I attended the 33rd annual STAFDA convention and trade show in Atlanta, Georgia. Membership includes distributors, retailers, and manufacturers of light construction tools and related products. This show is always interesting for Tools of the Trade because it is where we find the latest...

  • Bosch and Rockwell Multi-Tools

    It used to be that if you wanted a multi-tool — an oscillating sander/cutter — you had to buy one of Fein's MultiMasters.

  • Fein Turbo II Vacuum

    Fein has improved its portable vacuums — or 'dust extractors,' as the company calls them — by adding variable speed control and two extra casters (for a total of six).

  • First Test: Next Generation MultiMaster

    Many multifunction tools don't live up to all they're supposed to do, but the Fein MultiMaster is a rare exception. I've used one for about eight years; I don't use it on every job, but when I need it, I'm glad I have one. I originally purchased it for the exclusive purpose of making accurate...

  • 1/2-Inch Hammerdrills

  • Wet/Dry Vacs

    I tested five wet/dry vacs from Craftsman, Fein, Love-Less Ash, Ridgid, and Shop-Vac. Each one cost less than $200. I evaluated their mobility, power, filter systems, wet and dry performance, and noise. First I took them in the field, where they met with everything from fine poplar and drywall dust...

  • 6-Inch Right-Angle Sanders

    I've done my fair share of sanding through the years, but it wasn't until I built boats that I learned the true meaning of the word. Sanding projects were no longer measured in hours, but in long, dusty days and even agonizing weeks. I quickly learned to appreciate sanders that were not only...

  • Shop Vacuums

    Dust can hurt you, and dust collection now stands alongside safety glasses, hearing protection, and hard hats as standard safety equipment. Recent tool design reflects this awareness. Dust pick-ups are being built into sanders, routers, planers, and saws. As with most safety equipment, the problem...