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  • Three Old-School Sawmills

    Two are among the last of their kind and one is unlike any that ever existed. 

  • Cutting Wood at 150,000 FPS

    When it comes to saws we usually think in terms of HP or RPM, but here it’s FPS, as in frames per second—the speed of a hyper fast camera capturing the cutting-action of the blade in a table saw.

  • A Home-Built Mobile Crane

    The kind of man who builds a 50-foot paddle steamer is the same kind of man who builds a crane.

  • Truck Report 2010

    To say 2009 was a tough year for auto-makers would be something of an understatement. But you could also say it was a very good year for truck buyers who managed to stay in the market. When the construction industry went into a skid, prices for pickups and other work vehicles plummeted, and nearly...

  • Jenny K11HGA-17P-3000W Compressor/Generator

    Jenny Products' K11HGA-17P-3000W combination compressor and generator is powered by an 11-hp Honda engine with an electric starter.

  • Launch Time 2009: Jenny Products Compressor-Generator

    This combination compressor-generator (K11HGA-17P-3000W) features an11-hp Honda overhead valve engine with an electric start.

  • Truck Report 2009

    The latest word from the world of pickup truck manufacturing is either very bad or very good, depending on your perspective. On the downside, both General Motors and Ford Motor Co. are teetering on the brink of insolvency. Isuzu has quit the U.S. pickup and car market entirely, and even Toyota has...

  • Custom Truck-Bed Tool Storage

    Like many tradespeople, I'd always lusted for a shiny new work truck with utility-bed locking boxes.

  • Product Watch: Trend Portable Plunge Router

    The Trend T4EK 1/4-inch shank, portable plunge router has a 1.1 hp variable speed motor (11,500 to 32,000 rpm) and weighs 7.7 pounds.

  • Truck Report 2008

    It was a bumpy ride for U.S. pickup and medium-duty truck makers in 2007, no doubt about it. Daimler divested itself of ailing Chrysler. Ford picked an outsider to replace its founding-family CEO. General Motors faced a labor challenge that threatened to send it into bankruptcy. Even seemingly...