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  • Bosch SG182 Cordless Drywall Gun

    This brushless driver is said to provide corded performance without the cord and run all day on a single charge.

  • Hilti PS 1000 X-Scan Ground Penetrating Radar System

    This tool is not for everyone, but it may be just the thing for the contractor who can’t afford to hit something vital while cutting or drilling concrete.

  • Hilti PR 30-HVS Rotating Laser

    This tool was designed to be simple to use and able to take a beating.

  • Hilti TE 70 ATC

    This upgraded combihammer includes active torque control to reduce the possibility of twisting should a bit ever jam.

  • Brushing Up on Brushless

    How brushless motors work and what they can add to your favorite cordless tools

  • 18-Volt Brushless Impact Drivers

    High-efficiency brushless motors and increased energy-density batteries push the capacity of these full-size tools further than ever

  • Tool Test: Laser Distance Meters

    These compact, precise measures complement traditional tapes

  • Breaking the 4.0 Amp-Hour Barrier

    Until recently, the only tool companies to offer batteries rated higher than 3.0 Ah in the U.S. market were Panasonic and Hilti (both sell 3.3 Ah batteries).

  • DeWalt Takes on Hilti?

    Late last week DeWalt's parent company, Stanley Black & Decker, purchased Powers Fasteners.

  • Tool Test: 18-Volt Drill/Drivers

    Today's cordless drills are significantly better than the ones I used four or five years ago — they have more power and greater runtime, and take less time to charge. Many of them are lighter, too. The most obvious change has been the move from nicad to lithium-ion batteries, with lithium-ion...