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  • Semi-Automatic Powder Actuated Tools

    My grandfather taught me something a long time ago: A good tool will pay for itself many times over. While that's true for almost every tool I own, it goes double for powder actuated tools, or PATs, as they're known.

  • Power Trip

    This is our fifth year bringing Tools of the Trade's Site Commander to construction workers across the country, and it has generated the same kind of enthusiasm and excitement as it did the first year. Our goal each year is to show contractors and crews the latest in work truck features and...

  • Rotary Hammers

    If your hammerdrill struggles in concrete packed with heavy aggregate or while using large bits like mine does, and you carry star drills or sharpened masonry nails to break up hard aggregate, then this Tool Test is for you. I tested seven hammerdrill-sized pistol-grip rotary hammers that take...

  • Compact L-Shaped Rotary Hammers

    I had the opportunity to try out the Hilti TE 7-C and the Milwaukee 5363-21 rotary hammers while working on an addition to my own home. For this fairly average addition, my crew and I found ourselves reaching for these tools a lot more than I had expected we would. We used the tools to punch a...

  • Demolition Hammers

    There is nothing quite as dirty, dusty, and plain-old tough as demolition work, especially for breaking up concrete and masonry. The work is unpleasant enough for both the crew and the tools so we try to get it over with as quickly–and as painlessly–as possible. But here in New York City, a town...

  • Cordless/Hoseless Tools

  • Recip Saws

    Reciprocating saws have been on the move–fast–since the last time we looked at this group. Category-wide, manufacturers have made advances with tool-free blade changes, articulating handles, and even LED work lights.

  • Corded Tools