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    2014’s most innovative new products at the tool dealers’ trade show

  • Dustless Grinders and a Scarifyer from Metabo

    OSHA’s proposed silica rule may mean you’ll do more of your work with tools like these.

  • 18-Volt Cordless Recip Saws Tool Test

    The best saws offer lots of power and long runtime. We test saws from DeWalt, Hitachi, Panasonic, and more to see how they compare.

  • A Cordless LED Work Light Fit for a Porsche

    Metabo’s new Site Light produces powerful illumination, can go all day on a single charge, and has a very interesting backstory.

  • Metabo Ultra-M 5.2 Ah Battery

    New more energy dense cells make this the highest capacity 18-volt pack on the market.

  • Fein ASCM18QX Cordless Drill-Driver

    A four-speed gear box allows this 18-volt drill to go twice as fast as competing models.

  • Can't Get it Here: Strange Metabo Table Saw

    I've seen similar saws in the past, European models where the operator pulls a lever and the blade...

  • Behind the Scenes with Bosch in Germany

    Last summer at the annual Bosch power tools media event, I received the good news that I was one of three tool industry journalists chosen by the company to be taken on a tour of their facilities throughout Germany and Switzerland.

  • Tool Test: 18-Volt Drill/Drivers

    Today's cordless drills are significantly better than the ones I used four or five years ago — they have more power and greater runtime, and take less time to charge. Many of them are lighter, too. The most obvious change has been the move from nicad to lithium-ion batteries, with lithium-ion...

  • Metabo Wet/Dry Vac (ASR 35) vacuum

    The Metabo Wet/Dry Vac (ASR 35) is designed for both the shop and the job site: You can set it to manual and use it as a shop vac, or set it to auto so that it's activated by a tool plugged into its onboard electrical outlet.