More stories about OSHA

  • Product Watch: Construction First Aid Kit

    The ANSI 10-person Construction First Aid Kit contains 91 combined units of bandages, scissors, tweezers, first-aid creams, and dressing pads.

  • Product Watch: French Creek Production Door Jamb Anchor

    The French Creek Production Door Jamb Anchor 1785 mounts in door or window openings from 24 inches to 43 inches wide and attaches to a harness with a self-retracting lifeline (not included).

  • Safety First: OSHA's Big Four

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is focusing its attention on what some call the 'Big 4' causes of jobsite injuries and deaths: falls, trench and excavation accidents, electrocutions, and workers being struck by or caught by equipment. In addition to the focus on these...

  • Safety Checklist

    Use this checklist to avoid OSHA's most cited violations.

  • Power Rules: Avoid Jobsite Electrocution

    You may not think much of taping up a dinged extension cord, but this common practice is not only dangerous, but it also could set you up for a hefty fine if an OSHA compliance officer sees it in use. Here are some serious reminders about electrical safety.