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  • Porter-Cable Quick-Change Oscillating Tool

    Porter-Cable's new oscillating tool is notable for its unique quick-change feature. By squeezing a spring-loaded lever near the front of the tool, you can open the chuck and swap out accessories.

  • Tool Test: 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Impact Drivers

    For this article my crew and I tested 18 lithium-ion impact-driver kits. Some companies sell the same tool in two kits – each with different batteries – and in such cases we tested both versions. We used all the drivers for several months, trading them around so that everybody had experience with...

  • Tool Test: Subcompact Drill/Drivers and Impact Drivers

    Subcompact tools are the fastest growing segment of the cordless market. The number of available models has grown from a mere handful four years ago to more than 100 today. The tools in this category are defined by their small size, light weight, and 10.8-volt lithium-ion battery packs (which for...

  • Tools Up Close: Job-Site Radios

    Like many carpenters, I enjoy listening to music at work. When I was starting out, there were only a couple of options: Leave the truck radio on with the door open (and risk having to jump the battery later on) or listen to a bad-sounding boombox that was held together with duct tape and had a wire...

  • Tool Test: Framing Nailers

    As a framing contractor, I rely on nail guns more than almost any other tool. When I buy a framing gun I look for a model that is comfortable to handle, able to toenail well, and powerful enough to drive nails flush every time.

  • Product Watch: Porter-Cable Pocket-Hole Joinery System

    Pocket-hole jigs make it possible to quickly and easily assemble cabinets, face frames, and the like with hidden low-angle screws. The Porter-Cable Quik Jig is an advance over other pocket-hole systems because it automatically adjusts to the thickness of the stock, eliminating the need to set...

  • Cutting Edge: Tool Crib Founder Returns to the Web

    Acme Tools, the Midwest retail powerhouse that created the original online tool and construction equipment sales site, Tool Crib of the North, has re-entered Internet retailing after a 10-year hiatus. Tool Crib was sold to in 1999.

  • Product Watch: Cordless Tools

  • Tool Test: 5-inch Random-Orbit Sanders

    The workhorse sander for most tradesmen is the 5-inch-diameter random-orbit sander. Thanks to its ability to hog off stock with a coarse grit disk and leave a smooth, finished surface with a fine grit, this single tool has replaced the old progression of belt sander to half-sheet finish sander for...

  • Product Watch: Porter-Cable 18-Volt Jigsaw

    With a tool-free steel shoe to switch quickly from straight to 45-degree cuts, the Porter-Cable 18-volt jigsaw (PC18JS) runs at a maximum of 2,500 strokes per minute.