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  • Ten Years Pure Tools

    Celebrating Tools of the Trade's first 10 years with special coverage of the tool industry's biggest decade and the tools, technology, and trends that point to an even more amazing future.

  • 15-Gauge Finish Nailers

    When I started in the trades 20 years ago, there were only a few pneumatic finish nailer brands to choose from. Features were functional but crude compared to today's tools. Nailers were still better than hand nailing, but they were expensive enough that not every carpenter could have one. Since...

  • Straight-Magazine Finish Nailers

    In the old days it was easy to pick out the better finish nailer because cool features like depth adjustment, no-mar caps, and swing-out noses for clearing jambs were few and far between. Now these features–and more–are pretty much standard on most pro-grade nailers, and the definition of a 'good'...

  • Coil Roofing Nailers

    Coil roofing nailers are the most abused tools on my jobsite. They withstand blistering rooftop heat under summer sun, take two-story high-dives onto frozen mud in winter, and endure constant grinding as I drag them across 10-grit shingle granules. And that doesn't even account for the grime that...

  • Trim Routers

    When you're working with historic buildings, there's one thing you can depend on: You can't depend on anything. Over the last 150 years, changes in hardware, trim details, and other product introductions and evolutions (weather stripping for example) have led to the need for a versatile tool like a...

  • Brad Nailers

  • Recip Saws

    Reciprocating saws have been on the move–fast–since the last time we looked at this group. Category-wide, manufacturers have made advances with tool-free blade changes, articulating handles, and even LED work lights.

  • Portable Band Saws

    I remember the first time I used a portable band saw as a young plumber's apprentice. We were working on a large commercial project and needed to hang our piping mains above a drop ceiling. When my boss told me to make 50 hangers out of steel stock and threaded rod, I thought I'd be stuck there...

  • Corded Tools