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  • Brad Nailers

  • Worm Drives/Hypoids

    Getting framers to tool-test wormdrive saws is like convincing kids to eat ice cream. After telling my lead guys we'd be testing the classic saws alongside the newest introductions in the category, I realized that I could have charged them money and they still would've showed up early for testing.

  • Ridgid R84040

    When the Ridgid R84040 18-volt adhesive/caulk gun arrived at the office, my crew and I shared the same thought: Just because you can make something doesn't always mean you should. But while that adage applies to many things, our test proved the R84040 isn't one of them. It quickly earned our...

  • Cordless/Hoseless Tools

  • Recip Saws

    Reciprocating saws have been on the move–fast–since the last time we looked at this group. Category-wide, manufacturers have made advances with tool-free blade changes, articulating handles, and even LED work lights.

  • 2006 Editors' Choice Awards

    In this era of widespread hype and rhetoric, words like 'groundbreaking' and 'revolutionary' are so commonly overused they often turn us off rather than attract our attention. Instead of being wowed, we are often numbed and under-impressed. That's why we're happy here at Tools of the Trade to not...

  • Corded Tools

  • Tool Feature: Why Buy That?

    Walking into a tool store and standing in the middle of a square mile of tools and equipment, it's hard enough to remember why you came in--let alone figure out what you should walk out with. Tool buyers now have so many choices between brands and features in each category, you could spend all day...