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  • 2010 Editor's Choice: Ridgid R1005 Angle Grinder

    When we saw Ridgid's new R1005 angle grinder, it immediately struck us as an ergonomic solution to this category's age-old problem.

  • Product Watch: Ridgid JobMax R82234 Multi-Tool

    The Ridgid JobMax R82234 is a 12-volt variable-speed multi-tool with interchangeable heads that share a single power base.

  • Ridgid Tailpiece Extension and Close Quarters Autofeed Cutters

    Ridgid plumbing tools have been a mainstay in the industry for decades, and the company's newest offerings show us what plumbers have been missing until now.

  • Ridgid R92234 JobMax Combo Kit

    Ridgid's R92234 combo kit comes with a subcompact drill/driver and a new multi-attachment tool called the JobMax.

  • Launch Time 2009

    With the economy poised for a comeback in 2010, toolmakers are just now rolling out their latest innovations to meet the anticipated demand. Every year at this time, the

  • Fall 2009 Hot Finds

    Ergonomic Angle Grinder / Lightweight Corded Circ Saw

  • Launch Time 2009: Ridgid PressSnap Cutting Tool

    The PressSnap cutting tool for no-hub and service-weight cast-iron pipe attaches to Ridgid's corded and cordless electro-hydraulic press tools.

  • Hot Finds: Ridgid R1005 Angle Grinder

    The R1005 4-1/2-inch Angle Grinder from Ridgid combines a unique ergonomic grip, light weight, and a compact design to improve user control while reducing fatigue.

  • Ridgid 2-in-1 Close Quarters Autofeed Tubing Cutter

    Cutting tubing inside a wall or other tight spot usually requires a midget cutter and nimble fingers, but Ridgid's new 2-in-1 Close Quarters Autofeed tubing cutter takes the fingers out of the equation.

  • Tool Test: 10-Inch Tile Saws

    We lined up seven wet saws representing six brands and tested them mostly on tough porcelain tiles, making cuts up to 7/8 inch thick. We used identical, high-quality porcelain blades to take blade performance out of the equation and focused on cut quality and accuracy, the precision of the moving...