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  • SawStop Jobsite Table Saw

    Flesh-sensing safety technology will soon be available on portable models.

  • SawStop Suit Stopped: Tool Companies Escape With Only a Nick

    A federal judge dismissed an antitrust lawsuit charging most of the world’s table saw makers with conspiracy and group boycott.

  • Stephen Colbert's Take on a Dangerously Safe Tool

    According to Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, a bunch of 'digit coddlers' are ruining this country by attempting to mandate the use of table saws that are so safe they could be dangerous.

  • Sawstop Prefossional Cabinet Saw

    SawStop has introduced a new 3-hp 230-volt Professional Cabinet Saw aimed at low-volume shops.

  • 2008 Editors' Choice: SawStop Contractor Saw

    SawStop's revolutionary blade brake won an Editors' Choice Award in 2001 when it first came out.

  • Sawstop Blade-Stopping Cabinet Saw

    SawStop's innovative blade-stopping cabinet saw is popular with furniture makers and cabinetmakers for good reason:

  • 2001 Editors' Choice Awards

  • Dead Stop

    Steve Gass is out to change the tool world in a big way. The Portland, Ore., inventor is a woodworker and patent attorney who holds a Ph.D. in physics. His new safety device for table saws could mean the difference between a Band-Aid and an amputation. You've got to see Gass's SawStop in action to...

  • 3-HP Cabinet Saws

    The undisputed king of the woodshop is the 10-inch cabinet saw. Along with a good workbench, a well-tuned and -outfitted cabinet saw with a good blade and a proper out-feed is the beating heart of the shop. As such, choosing which saw to buy is a big decision. A good machine will prove both...