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  • Senco DS212 18-Volt Li-Ion Auto-Feed Screwdriver

    Collated screws go in faster and leave a hand free for holding or positioning the work piece.

  • 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Nails

    A complaint by a Mexican-owned company in Missouri prompted a world-wide investigation that revealed some interesting facts about the nails we use.

  • Pneuhook Nail Gun Hook

    This useful accessory is easily switched between tools.

  • Faster Job-Site Joinery

    Here are some tools that can help you make joints more quickly and accurately.

  • Bosch SG182 Cordless Drywall Gun

    This brushless driver is said to provide corded performance without the cord and run all day on a single charge.

  • Senco 325XP Framing Gun

    Compact at 12 inches long, this gun fits in tight spots.

  • Hot New Tools for 2013

    Toolmakers strut their stuff at STAFDA

  • Senco Joistpro Metal Connector Nailers

    My crew and I used to hand-nail framing hardware, but as codes changed and we had to install more and more of the stuff, it became impractical to nail by hand.

  • Tools Up Close: 16-Gauge Fusion Nailer

    In my work as a finish carpenter, I use a variety of nails: 18-gauge brads for molding and trim, 15-gauge nails for door jambs, and 16-gauge nails for everything else. I prefer to work without hoses, and for the last 10 years have been using 16- and 18-gauge fuel-powered nailers from Paslode. They...

  • Senco Metal Connector Nailer

    If you're looking for a small metal-connector nailer, Senco just might have the ticket. The Joist Pro 150 is all about size. Weighing barely over 4-1/2 pounds, with a nose-to-rear length of 12 inches, this gun is designed for use in tight spaces.