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  • A Trip to the Nail Factory

    Ever wonder how the fasteners you use are made? Here’s your chance to see what goes on at the plant in Cincinnati where Senco makes collated staples and nails.

  • A Trip to the Chainsaw Museum

    Wayne’s Chainsaw Museum is chock full of rare, unusual, and weird machines.

  • 17 Odd and Unusual Tools from NHS

    The National Hardware Show (NHS) is where the people who run hardware stores, lumber yards, and big box stores to see and make deals on the latest tools and products. This year’s show featured a number of odd and unusual tools—here’s a look at 17 of them.

  • SawStop v. The World

    The pyrotechnic mechanism that wasn’t, and other tidbits from a lawsuit filed in February against most of the world’s power tool companies.

  • A Trip to Klein's Tool Factories in Texas

    Klein shows off its new heat treating plant and the factory where pliers are made.

  • 50 Cool Things You Could Have Seen at the World of Concrete

    If you are into tools and equipment you owe it to yourself to go to this show at least once in your life.

  • A Trip to the Sawmill

    See how logs become lumber at the only operational redwood mill on California's Central Coast.

  • A Trip to the Heavy Equipment Boneyard

    Who wouldn’t want to poke through a field containing a donkey-engine, modified WWII half-track, and other machines once used by loggers?

  • Cool Ice Age Pickup

    Think it’s cold in your truck? Then imagine what it would be like if the body was made from ice.

  • New Cordless Drills and Drivers from Bosch

    With the introduction of six models in two different voltages the company has jumped into the brushless drill and driver category with both feet.