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  • Wish I’d Written That

    As an editor, I occasionally see stories I wish I had written. Andy Engel’s recent FHB blog entry is one of them.

  • A Trip To The Screwdriver Factory

    Klein Tool said, “Sure, come to or headquarters and we’ll show you the plant where we make screwdrivers.”

  • Bostitch Announces a New Line of Power Tools

    At a recent media event Bostitch announced the launch of a new line of pro-grade power tools.

  • Adam Savage's $150 Coping Saw

    When I see this tool I can’t help but think of all the things I cut with a cheapo plastic-handled coping saw from the hardware store.

  • No Wonder My Back Is Shot

    An interactive app that will tell you how much you can safely lift from various positions and how frequently – what will they think of next?

  • Strange Curved Bar Clamps

    You will never guess what these specialized clamps are for. Really—you won't.

  • What Are These Bar Clamps For?

    We recently asked about a photo of some bar clamps that was posted on the Toolemera Press website.

  • Stanley FatMax PowerClaw

    The PowerClaw is a power strip built into a spring-loaded clamp.

  • Kiss Me—I'm a Tradesman

    National Tradesmen Day promotes the idea that we as a country need to train more skilled tradesmen because there will be a severe shortage when the current generation of tradesmen retire.

  • The Present and Future of Power Tools

    The Freedonia Group's study of the world power tool market contains current sales data, sales projections for 2016 and 2021, and a who's who of manufacturers.