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  • Systainer Compressor

    What would you do if your compressor fell down the stairs and got trashed, but the parts could be salvaged?

  • How Would You Rank Your Trade?

    In their annual Jobs Rated Report, rates professions based on income, work environment, stress, and hiring outlook. The list below is a selection of jobs from the 2013 report.

  • The $300,000 Pickup Truck

    Not exactly new or old – you'd swear this truck was a 1965 Dodge D200 Power Wagon.

  • Bosch Compact Radio

    This spring Bosch released a pair of radios that are a fraction of the size of their Power Box.

  • Grizzly’s New Track Saw

    Can you get a decent track saw for $180?

  • Can't Get It Here: Clamp Spike

    Piher is a Spanish company that makes clamps – all kinds of clamps.

  • 18-Volt OMT with Something Extra

    Late this summer Bosch will release the MXH180, a cordless version of their MX series oscillating multi-tool (OMT).

  • A Trip to the Recip Blade Factory

    The Lenox plant in East Longmeadow MA produces recip saw blades, hole saws, band saw blades, and a number of other items. This story focuses on recip saw blades.

  • A High-Falutin $700 Hand Plane

    Move over expensive European hand tools, here's a plane that will give you a run for someone else's money.

  • Three Useful Specialty Tools

    Here are some Dewalt specialty tools that promise to make life easier and more pleasant on the jobsite.