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  • Not Your Grandpa's Pinewood Derby

    I'm kind of surprised how high-tech Pinewood Derby has become. Electronic timing? Aluminum tracks? If they could do all that, why couldn't they get rid of those horrible plastic wheels?

  • Insane Turning Project

    Woodturning gets a hold of some people and won’t let go.

  • Can't Get it Here: Walko Work Bench

    I stumbled across this odd folding bench system on Facebook. It isn't sold in North America, which makes me want one even more.

  • Makita Four-Port Charger

    Makita recently announced the DC18SF Rapid Optimum charger, which accepts up to four batteries at a time.

  • JLC Snags CDK

    Those announcements you see in the business section of the local paper – you know, the ones with a picture of some guy in a suit grinning like a fool because he was appointed vice regional something or other – well, this is nothing like that.

  • ITW: Who Owns What?

    What does a Paslode nailer have in common with a Miller welder and a Tapcon fastener?

  • How to Make a Large Table Saw Sled

    This four-minute video by Frank Howarth shows how to make a nice cross-cutting sled for your table saw.

  • Amazing Home-Made Wooden Scroll Saw

    Miki Ono is a hundred times more talented than Yoko Ono. How do I know? Because I have heard Yoko sing and have seen Miki’s home-made wooden scroll saw.

  • Simple Tools for Difficult Scribes

    These methods require two simple tools; one you already have and the other can be made in five minutes.

  • Milwaukee Tape vs. Sand Blaster

    At a recent media event I saw a presentation on a new line of Milwaukee tapes that ended with one being sand blasted to show how durable the blade will be.