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  • Magnum Precision Ultra-Lite WPi CT Boots

    Magnum's Precision Ultra-Lite WPi CT boots feature a plasma-based waterproofing treatment that the company says was originally developed for the military..

  • C.H. Hanson Precison Ball Level

    Inspired by the horizon- indicator instrument found on airplanes, C.H. Hanson's new Precision Ball Level uses a weighted floating ball to find level, plumb, and any angle or slope in between.

  • DeWalt DC020 Portable Work Light

    DeWalt's DC020 is a portable 38-watt fluorescent work light that runs on the company's 12- to 18-volt cordless tool batteries or line voltage.

  • Duluth Trading Fire Hose Canvas Pants

    Duluth Trading Co. says its Fire Hose canvas pants are tougher than most other work pants — but the dense weave can be a bit warm in the summer.

  • Stiletto Multifunctional Flat and Glazer's Bars

    Stiletto's six new titanium pry bars weigh 45 percent less than equivalent-sized steel bars, says the company.

  • Bucket Boss Bucket Seat Pro

    The Bucket Seat Pro from Bucket Boss protects your bucket's contents, provides a convenient place to sit, and — with its two removable dividers — serves as a four- or six-compartment parts organizer.

  • Master Lock Truck Bed U-Lock Anchors

    Leaving valuable tools and equipment in the back of your pickup — even for a quick run into the store — can be risky, but many truck beds don't have a place you can attach a lock to.

  • Milwaukee 2451-22 Cordless Impact Wrench

    Most cordless impact wrenches have 1/2-inch anvils for large sockets and deliver bolt-snapping torque that can overwhelm smaller tasks.

  • Jackson Professional Tools Total Control Elite Demolition Hammer

    Jackson's Total Control Elite Demolition Hammer is a sledgehammer with a difference: One of the striking faces tapers down to about 3/8 inch thick for rough prying — or for concentrating the striking force along a line to break concrete more easily.

  • PDY Systems Lift-n-Lock Organizer

    Small items can be difficult to keep isolated in a portable parts box.