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  • Midwest Snips MW-CT Combo-Tool

    With the MW-CT combo-tool from Midwest Snips, you can switch between settings to alternately punch nail slots and snap locks in vinyl and aluminum siding.

  • Lenox Diamond Double Tang Blades

    To cut cast-iron pipe cleanly and quickly with a reciprocating saw, it's best to use diamond grit blades, says Lenox.

  • Milwaukee 2625-21 Hackzall

    For situations where you have to operate a recip saw with just one hand — because the other one is holding on to the material or a ladder — Milwaukee's new 18-volt 2625-21 Hackzall may be just the ticket.

  • Greenlee Quick Connect Flexible Installation Kit

    Electricians use long, flexible drill bits to make holes in hard-to-reach places — to bore through a row of joists from a ceiling box, for example, while leaving the drywall undisturbed.

  • Freud 10-Inch Combination Table-Saw Blade

    Freud's premier 10-inch combination table-saw blade now comes in a thin-kerf model.

  • Hitachi KC10DFL Subcompact Combo Kit

    When subcompact cordless tools have enough power for the job, they offer a significant size and weight advantage.

  • Bobcat M-Series Loaders

    Bobcat's M-Series loaders offer greater comfort than previous models, says the maker, with a more spacious cab and better seat suspension, along with improved visibility and noise protection for the operator.

  • Hilti TE 3000-AVR Electric Demolition Hammer

    Hilti just introduced its largest electric demolition hammer yet, the TE 3000-AVR.

  • Ridgid R92234 JobMax Combo Kit

    Ridgid's R92234 combo kit comes with a subcompact drill/driver and a new multi-attachment tool called the JobMax.

  • Festool Compact Hand Planer

    Full-size 3 1/4-inch hand planers are meant to be guided with both hands for maximum control, but Festool has a compact model designed to be held in one hand, so the other hand can steady the work.