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  • Ideal Industries Sir Nickless Cable Cutter

    One challenge with armored cable is that it can be hard to cut the armor without nicking the wires inside, which is why cable manufacturers recommend using a rotary cutter designed specifically for this cable type.

  • Tru-Pro Products Aluminum Drywall Stilts

    Ever notice that a drywall guy stomping around on stilts looks a lot like Herman Munster?

  • Milwaukee Clamp Meter

    Clamp meters let electricians measure current in a live wire without stripping the insulation or touching the conductor, but the calculator-like display can be hard to read in dark basements or outside in the sun.

  • WD-40 Co. Trigger Pro Dispenser

    The one bad thing about WD-40 is that when you lose that little red straw, you have no way of controlling the spray.

  • Vaughan Tools 15-Inch HookBar

    The typical flat utility bar has a 90-degree rocker head that curves in the opposite direction from the flat end — which restricts the bar's range of motion.

  • Diamond Wall Football Pole Sander

    The new Football Pole Sander is a simple tool with some significant advantages.

  • Bessey TSC4.516 Staircase Clamps

    Does the mere thought of your next stair job — all that tightening and loosening by hand of dozens of large clamps — have your carpal tunnel syndrome acting up?

  • Crown Heritage EasAlign Handrail Joiner

    Joining stair handrail sections requires painstaking fitting and fastening, but the EasAlign system by Crown Heritage can make the job easier.

  • M.Power Flat Lying Trammel Heads

    M.Power's Flat Lying Trammel Heads have a pivoting point for fine adjustment and come with pencil and knife attachments.

  • Bosch GTL3 Layout Laser

    Part of Bosch's new laser line, the GTL3 layout laser projects 90- and 45-degree lines on a floor or wall.