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  • A Contractor Takes His Tools to Hollywood

    The carpenter directs but the truck and tools are the stars of the show.

  • Dave’s Excellent Adventure: A Trip to the Redwood Mill

    See video shot inside the last operating redwood mill on California’s Central Coast.

  • PLS Green Beam Lasers

    To the human eye, green is three times more visible than red.

  • Judge to Companies that Sold Lead Paint: Pay $1.1 Billion to Clean Up Your Mess

    A California judge ruled against three companies that sold lead paint prior to its being banned in 1978 and said they are liable for a portion of the mitigation costs in certain California counties.

  • New Tax on Wood Creates Confusion in California

    As of January 1, California retailers have been required to collect an extra one percent tax certain lumber products. Plywood, framing lumber, and unfinished decking are among the products subject to the tax. Doors, windows, trim, and other more heavily processed items are not.

  • Hardware Chain Sues Home Depot and Power Tool Companies

    Orchard Supply Hardware, a California hardware chain, is suing Home Depot, Makita, and Milwaukee Electric Tool in federal court for restraint of trade. Orchard claims Makita and Milwaukee cut off its supply of power tools shortly after Home Depot announced plans to lock up the supply of key...

  • Born To Build: Don Dunkley, Cool, Calif.

    Don Dunkley's ToolHound-ness was cast in Southern California tract framing in the 1970s. Ace framers made more money than doctors, and were driven by the relentless pursuit of production based on minimum tools–and maximum skill. Not even nails were spared.

  • Window Installation

    Before I became a field-training consultant for builders, I was a builder and remodeler. Even then, long before mold was a hot topic, it bothered me how many different methods were used to install windows. Stucco guys did it one way, East Coasters another, and production framers in California had...

  • Concrete Countertops

    Twenty-five years ago concrete countertops were the domain of artisan contractors and high-end clients, mostly in California, looking for a one-of-a-kind surface. Today, homeowners nationwide request concrete for the same reason.

  • Paul Discoe, Joinery Structures, Oakland, Calif.

    How well you sharpen a Japanese planer blade with your whetstone depends on how you hold your mouth. So goes the legend–and Paul Discoe, who has delicately hand-sharpened many a blade in his Japanese timber-framing shop, has found it to be true. He's still using a set of tools he brought back from...