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  • Could Fiat + Mitsubishi = 2017 Ram Dakota?

    Mitsubishi has agreed to produce midsize pickups for FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). Neither company has mentioned the word Dakota but there are those who suspect a revival of that model is in the works.

  • Thin Winter Work Gloves

    Here’s a clever tip for keeping hands warm while maintaining dexterity.

  • Ford Has Built 33M F-Series Pickups Since 1948

    Wanna see the very first model? You know you do.

  • Ford Has Built 33M F-Series Pickups Since 1948 - do not use

    Wanna’ see the very first model? You know you do.


  • Combination Jab Saw/Utility Knife

    I've been testing tools for years and am on a lot of mailing lists, so new tools frequently arrive on my doorstep unannounced. Most of these tools end up gathering dust in my shop but a recent arrival from the Swanson Tool Company has earned a coveted spot in my tool belt...

  • Editor's Note: Our New Look

    If you're a longtime reader of Tools of the Trade, you have probably noticed some differences in the way we look. Like you, we had to do some belt-tightening after the economy tanked in 2008 – the magazine got thinner and went from six issues per year to four. When I became editor late last year we...

  • An Introduction is in Order

    My name is David Frane and I am the new editor of TOOLS OF THE TRADE. This is a dream job for me because I have been fascinated by tools since the age of five, when my father gave me a hammer and handsaw and turned me loose on a pile of scrap wood. As an adult, I spent 20 years doing new...

  • Truck Report 2010

    To say 2009 was a tough year for auto-makers would be something of an understatement. But you could also say it was a very good year for truck buyers who managed to stay in the market. When the construction industry went into a skid, prices for pickups and other work vehicles plummeted, and nearly...

  • First Test: High-Pressure Pneumatics

    Makita is bringing its high-pressure nailer line to the U.S., and we were the first framing crew in the country to get our hands on its framing and siding coil nailers and brand-new 400-psi compressor. High-pressure nailers are more common in Japan, where the affinity for efficiency and compactness...