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  • First Test: The New Nail Bangers

    Tools of the Trade rounded up nine waffle-faced framing hammers from around the globe and put them out on a Colorado jobsite with 15 framers, lead by regular contributor Michael Davis, to see how they'd stack up. Here's what we learned, in order of increasing appreciation.

  • Feature: Lost and Found

    Thanks to the Defense Department, we civilians have free access to the Global Positioning System (GPS), also known as Navstar. GPS is a network of 24 satellites, 11,000 miles up and orbiting the Earth about twice daily. By latching on to any three of them at the same time, a GPS receiver can...

  • Truck Report 2008

    It was a bumpy ride for U.S. pickup and medium-duty truck makers in 2007, no doubt about it. Daimler divested itself of ailing Chrysler. Ford picked an outsider to replace its founding-family CEO. General Motors faced a labor challenge that threatened to send it into bankruptcy. Even seemingly...

  • Cadillac Pump Jacks

    If you're tired of fighting with your rusty old pump jacks or trying to squeeze one more job out of those twisted, chewed-up double 2x4 poles, consider upgrading to one of the state-of-the-art aluminum scaffolds made by Alum-A-Pole or Qual-Craft Industries. Your crews will be faster, safer, and...

  • Hardcore Hardware Store

  • Hip Huggers: Toolbelts

  • Training Day

  • Fire And Rescue Crew, Cherryvale Fire Station 1, Boulder, Colo.

    When I was a teenager, tools were the compass leading me toward manhood, and since then I have done no less than carve my path through life with tools in my hands. I've written over the years about how tools bring truth to your work and put bread on your table. But I've never written about how...