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  • An Incredible Catalan Vault

    A highly skilled mason shows how it’s possible to build a complex brick vault without using falsework. 

  • Irwin Vise-Grip Max Leverage Diagonal Cutting Pliers

    These German-made compound action pliers greatly reduce the amount of force it takes to cut hard material.

  • Milwaukee M18 FUEL Sawzall

    The speed and runtime of this cordless recip saw convinced one contractor to retire his corded model.

  • A Trip to the Recip Blade Factory

    The Lenox plant in East Longmeadow MA produces recip saw blades, hole saws, band saw blades, and a number of other items. This story focuses on recip saw blades.

  • Re-Do-It Yourself

    I used to build a lot of second homes for lawyers, stock traders, accountants, and a couple of TV and movie execs. And based on the frequent calls I received during the week from their New York, Boston, and L.A. offices, it was clear that their minds were never far from their projects. They'd show...

  • Raising a 25-Ton Stone