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  • 3D Concrete Printer

    A Minnesota contractor built an oversize printer to fabricate homes from concrete.

  • Seven Corners Hardware to Close after 80 Years in Business

    Home Depot and Amazon didn’t kill this iconic tool store; generational change and real estate prices did.

  • Carpenter Discovers a Treasure Trove of Tools

    When the first buyer backed out Brian Campbelloffered twice the original price and got the deal of the century on century-oldtools.

  • Letter to the editor: Nail Gun Safety

    A university professor takes issue with my attitude about safety, saying I blamed the victim of a shot to the heart with a nail gun when I should have focused on the tool.

  • Site Commander Winner!

    Minnesota custom home builder Larry Allar stepped across the racetrack at the LENOX 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, picked up the keys to the Site Commander Sweepstakes grand prize, and drove off with the most awesome work truck on the planet. Allar, a longtime Tools of the Trade reader and...