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  • A Mega Staging Project

    To the tradesmen restoring the U.S. Capitol dome, getting there is half the battle.

  • Nitrile Work Gloves

    These thin grippy gloves provide moderate protection from the cold without feeling bulky or inhibiting dexterity.

  • Time Lapse: Framing, Trimming, and Standing a Rake Wall

    The most efficient way to do the work is flat on the deck and without a big crew.

  • A Deck Builder’s Jobsite Drone

    Some folks would say this isn’t a tool. But it is.

  • High Reach Excavator Accident

    Gil Olson was operating a high reach excavator on a demolition job in Seattle when a 10-by-30-foot section of concrete came loose and fell 8 stories onto the cab.

  • Foul Weather Work Wear

    It rains a lot in the Pacific Northwest and we can't stop working just because it is wet. I don't mind working in the rain, but I do mind being uncomfortable – so for me, good rain gear is an important part of my tool kit.

  • First Test: Nailing With Nitrogen

    Senco's new Fusion trim nailers operate unlike any drive system you've seen before and represent a giant leap forward in hose-free technology. As in pneumatic models, a cylinder-housed piston creates the force to drive fasteners, but the system uses a captive volume of nitrogen to pressurize, shoot...

  • First Test: Paslode Angled 16-Gauge Nailer

    In my architectural woodworking business, finish nailers are the pneumatic tools we use the most, and having a good complement of nailers for every application is critical to the success of a custom job. My primary arsenal of finish guns includes a 15-gauge finish nailer and an 18-gauge brad...

  • Hiding Exposed Screw Heads

    On most kitchen cabinet installations, the mounting screws are inconspicuous and the client never notices them.

  • Utility Knives

    When I started in construction, I pilfered a bunch of tools from my father, among them his old fixed-blade utility knife. After about six months, the blade made its way through the bottom of my leather tool pouch and into my leg. (I guess I deserved it for raiding my father's tools without...