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  • ARE Truck Cap

    ARE's RT series truck cap is extra tall, providing plenty of room for lumber, tools, and materials.

  • Trambed Truck Storage Solution

    A truck cap keeps tools dry but can make it harder to get at them. The TramBed provides complete access to the cargo space in your pickup.

  • Truck-Bed LED lights

    Blindly rummaging around in the back of your truck on a dark winter morning is a lousy way to start the day.

  • Amana Carbide-Tipped Countersinks

    Amana recently released the first carbide-tipped countersinks. Because they're made with such a durable material, they keep a nice sharp edge and are tough enough to drill into hardwoods.

  • Caulk Warmer

    Trying to squeeze cold construction adhesive out of a caulking tube can be like trying to push a cinder block through a keyhole.

  • Swift Hitch BackUp Camera

    If you're one of those people who can't hitch up a trailer to save your life, you should consider the Swift Hitch.

  • Choice is good -- but not with chargers

    I like choice, but I do not like having to choose between a bunch of different chargers – especially for the same brand of cordless tool.

  • Tools Up Close: Erecta-Rack Drying Rack

    Erecta-Rack consists of 40-inch steel cross bars that snap into plastic support blocks, which stack and snap together like Lego blocks. As the rack goes up, the individual sections begin to resemble ladders, with towers of blocks for the sides and cross bars for the rungs. It's designed to be...

  • Porter-Cable Quick-Change Oscillating Tool

    Porter-Cable's new oscillating tool is notable for its unique quick-change feature. By squeezing a spring-loaded lever near the front of the tool, you can open the chuck and swap out accessories.

  • Incredible Mobile Workshop

    I don't even know where to begin with this; all I can say is I wish my shop at home was half as organized as Brian Way's mobile woodworking shop.