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  • Air-Powered Shingle Cutter

    Making crisp, straight cuts in asphalt shingles with a utility knife can be tricky in warm weather and downright tough when it's cold.

  • Pneumatic Demo Tool

    I recently replaced a hardwood floor and it took two guys an entire day to do the demo work. The work would have gone faster if they had used a Hardwood Hog, a pneumatic tool designed to pry up flooring.

  • First Test: Craftsman Twin Cutter

    Readers have been asking us about dual-blade circular saws, so we decided to put the Craftsman 25574 Twin Cutter Saw to the test. Craftsman came out with its first version of a dual-blade saw early in the last decade, so the technology has been around for a while, but the 25574 model is the latest...

  • Valley Techniques

    There are lots of techniques for shingling a valley–woven, cut, open metal lined–but there's one you just won't find described on shingle wrappers that's easier and faster to install, is just as weather resistant, and looks great. It works with laminated or random-pattern shingles that comprise...