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  • Nail Jack Pro Model, Nail Hunter and Staple Jack Pliers

    Nail Jack extraction pliers have an 'anvil' behind the head that you pound on to drive the tips into the wood surrounding a nail.

  • Irwin Vise-Grip 10CR Fast Release Pliers

    Irwin's newest Vise-Grip pliers have a 'self-energizing' jaw design that shifts under load and self-tightens, similar to the action of a pipe wrench.

  • Kunz 5 Plus Jack Plane

    Kunz has a new premium plane line.

  • Dimension Tools Bullet Mole

    Boring a utility access hole under a sidewalk or driveway is hard work and often requires hiring a sub.

  • Electric Concrete Breakers

    Electric-powered breaker hammers have found a niche in the construction trades. In a wide variety of circumstances, these convenient tools fit the bill for small-scale demolition work.

  • Launch Time: DeWalt Stud and Joist Drill

    A heavy-duty wood-boring Stud and Joist Drill (model DWD460) from DeWalt has an anti-bind, anti-stall feature that automatically adjusts motor torque when bits bog down.

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    The latest tools and accessories.

  • 2000 Editors' Choice Awards

    After checking out all the new tools that have come out this past year, we chose 20 new products for special recognition–selecting them for this year's Editors' Choice Awards

  • The Inventors

  • Cordless Drill/Drivers

    As both a master plumber and master electrician, I drill more holes for pipe and wire in a day than most tradesmen might in a week. It seems like I've got a drill in my hands most of the day, and more often than not it's a cordless tool. Using cordless drills improves convenience, safety, and speed...