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  • Ridge Tool Line Locator

  • Metal-Cutting Circ Saws

    You can't flip open a window in a skyscraper, so we usually end up working in enclosed spaces where using cut-off saws with abrasive wheels will fill the air with acrid smoke and airborne filings. And if that's not bad enough, hogging through a bundle of metal studs in a closed room is...

  • Hand Tools

    This month we focus on the most significant new hand tools on the market.

  • Mark Orwig and Dennis Smith

    Necessity is the mother of invention–and tool hounds. Say you've got to cut curves into some huge oak timbers that weigh 400 lbs. apiece. Your bandsaw is out–or is it? Not if you're Mark Orwig and Dennis Smith. The two master carpenters loaded their bandsaw onto a dolly and moved the saw–not the...

  • Laser Level Layout

    It used to be that laser levels and the cutting-edge technology that powered them were so rare and expensive, only the largest or most profitable contractors could afford them. Now, of course, prices have fallen dramatically (indeed, one manufacturer's rep described some lasers to me as...