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  • Bosch Mortar Knife

    This rotary hammer bit is designed to quickly remove mortar from vertical joints without damaging masonry.

  • Product Watch: Rebar-Resistant Masonry Bit

    Nothing destroys masonry bits like rebar. One solution may be the new SpeedHammer bits, which – according to Irwin – are designed to be twice as durable as standard masonry bits.

  • A Full Day's Work in One Hour

    Ray Robinson, Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 winner

  • Tramex MRH III Moisture Meter

    Tramex's MRH III noninvasive moisture meter measures the moisture content of most building materials, including wood, concrete, masonry, plaster, and drywall.

  • Arcus Contoured Masonry Blade

    Thanks to its unique saucerlike shape, the 7-inch Contoured Masonry Blade by Arcus can cut arcs with a radius as small as 15 inches.

  • Hot Finds: Simple Man Products Spyder Scraper

    The Spyder Scraper from Simple Man Products is about as basic as a tool gets.

  • Product Watch: Marshalltown DURAdjust Brick Trowel

    Marshalltown's new DURAdjust brick trowel has a dial that lets the user adjust the handle's diameter throughout its length, from just below the smallest on the market to just about the largest, for personalized comfort.

  • Barrett Diamond Products Tilebit-Pro System

    Few things are more frustrating than trying to drill through porcelain tile with conventional glass or masonry drill bits

  • Block Work for Dummies

    Most builders sub-out block work. In my practice, however, doing block work myself increases profits, lowers costs, and maximizes my control over jobs. It also gives me another service to offer prospective customers. The key to working with block lies in developing a few basic skills: Unit layout...

  • Masonry Magic