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  • Honor Your Craft

    Master carpenter and educator Gary Katz offers his perspective on being a tradesman,respecting whatever is your craft, and earning the respect you deserve.

  • JLC Snags CDK

    Those announcements you see in the business section of the local paper – you know, the ones with a picture of some guy in a suit grinning like a fool because he was appointed vice regional something or other – well, this is nothing like that.

  • E15: In Your Truck Maybe, In Your OPE Not!

    The Supreme Court rejected a challenge by the petroleum industry to block the sale of E15 fuel. As a result, people who drive older vehicles or use outdoor power equipment such as portable generators and gas powered compressors will soon have to pay more attention at the pump.

  • Apex Tool to Close Its North Carolina Plant

    The Apex Tool Group announced it will be closing its Gastonia, NC, plant in June 2013 and moving those jobs to facilities in Texas and China. Among the tools made at the plant are sockets sold under the Craftsman brand label.

  • Wages on Hold

    Most of the remodeling company owners we spoke with for this article had to cut wages during the recession. But many are reporting that in the past two years they have started to increase pay. As Craig Huseby, owner of Huseby Homes, in Nashville, Tenn., put it, 'You can only go so long without...

  • SiteLines: Training Day

    If there's one thing that gets swept aside in the constant rush to put out daily fires and meet long-term deadlines, it's our ability to educate and train our teams – rookies and veterans alike – on an ongoing basis.

  • Cutting Edge: Arkansas Contractor Wins Site Commander!

    Veteran contractor Don Hodge of North Little Rock, Ark., went online to look for a Lenox 3-inch hole saw and came away as this year's winner of the Site Commander Sweepstakes. He picked up the keys to his new truck at the Lenox 301 NASCAR Race in Loudon, N.H., at the end of June.

  • 2010 Site Commander: On the Road to Recovery

    If there's one thing we learned over the past year of touring with the Site Commander, as we visited 600 cities across the country, it's how hard contractors will work to keep their companies afloat. Survival in this business is difficult enough without facing historic economic conditions and the...

  • A Promise Kept: Chris Dutra

    Chris Dutra first began working for Bostitch in channel marketing and then in product development before landing in business development. Eventually he moved to a competitor, where he essentially reinvented the entire pneumatics industry. The innovative product and manufacturing strategies he...

  • New Place for Pride

    I remember riding some pretty wild ups and downs during my 20-plus years of building, though nothing like we're seeing now. Each time things got tight I learned more about survival, which made my business stronger when the economy turned around.