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  • 2009 Editors' Choice: Steel City Granite-Topped Cabinet Saw

    No longer just a sophisticated addition to your customers' high-end kitchens, granite tops are now available on Steel City's 10-inch riving knife cabinet saw, providing a perfectly flat surface that will not warp or rust.

  • Milwaukee Wormdrive Saws

    Milwaukee's two new wormdrive saws — 6477-20 (with standard plug) and 6577-20 (with twist-lock plug) — feature 15-amp motors, 12-foot cords, rafter hooks, on-board wrench storage, magnesium housings, and sight glasses for checking the gear oil.

  • DeWalt Track Saws

    DeWalt's new Track Saws make it a lot easier to break down sheets of cabinet plywood or MDF.

  • Hiding Exposed Screw Heads

    On most kitchen cabinet installations, the mounting screws are inconspicuous and the client never notices them.

  • Sawstop Blade-Stopping Cabinet Saw

    SawStop's innovative blade-stopping cabinet saw is popular with furniture makers and cabinetmakers for good reason:

  • Tool Storage

  • Dynamic Power Source Truckbed

    The PowerBox series of integrated truckbed units features a generator and compressor.

  • Regent Lighting Work Lights

  • Cabinet Installer's Toolbox

    Whether you install a kitchen a week or a half dozen customs a year, having task-specific tools on site increases both productivity and quality. From layout to lifting and scribing to screwing, check out some of the tools I use to help streamline the process and make sometimes troublesome details...

  • Ryobi Combo Kit