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  • Carpentry At 30-Below Zero

    Before you start complaining how cold it is where you work, check out these photos of construction that took place at the South Pole Station.

  • Woodworking Shop With No Tools

    Experts drool when they see Luther Sampson's shop — even though it contains no tools. Any why should it, when Luther has been gone for so long?

  • An Ingenious Door Fitting Jig

    If you're an experienced finish carpenter, it won't matter that the subtitles in this video are in Dutch, because you'll be able to figure out exactly what this guy is up to.

  • Right Tool for the Job

    In this thread from the JLC forum carpenters discuss which miter saws they use to cut smaller pieces of trim.

  • A Most Bizarre Carpentry Tool

    I don't normally link to manufacturers' videos – but this tool is so unusual that I just had to.

  • Tools Up Close: 16-Gauge Fusion Nailer

    In my work as a finish carpenter, I use a variety of nails: 18-gauge brads for molding and trim, 15-gauge nails for door jambs, and 16-gauge nails for everything else. I prefer to work without hoses, and for the last 10 years have been using 16- and 18-gauge fuel-powered nailers from Paslode. They...

  • Repurposing a Lock Mortiser

    Last summer I built a set of craftsman style carriage doors for my house and decided to use mortise and tenon joints. I hadn't made this kind of joint before so I asked my friend, Gary Katz, how to go about cutting the deep mortises. He suggested using a lock mortising machine, a tool designed for...

  • What's up with Canadian Woodworkers?

    And I mean that in a good way. I keep running across incredible inventions by Canadian woodworkers and it makes me wonder if there's something in the water up there or if maybe they get snowed in and spend all winter in the shop.

  • Scandinavia's Answer to the Utility Knife

    European tradespeople are not into the kind of generic utility knives used in this country; they prefer sheathed knives because they are better for heavy-duty work and can be designed for specific trades such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and painting.

  • Product Watch: Easy Scriber

    Most carpenters scribe with a compass or a small block of wood. That works fine but requires a practiced hand to keep the pencil line parallel to the scribed surface. The M.Power Perfect Butt Profile Scriber makes the task easier.