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  • Ed Williams

    Ed Williams is a one-of-a-kind carpenter who does one-of-a-kind work in one-of-a-kind houses near Dallas. His business, the Great American Carpentry Co., is a full-dress cabinet shop and 24-man custom trim crew. But his real job description–other than payroll conduit–is problem solver.

  • Construction Master

    When someone says 'framing square,' we all probably think of the same object. But before it became a mass-produced tool in early 19th century America–and the tool we all think of–medieval European timber framers used framing squares to lay out bents and ribbed vaults for houses and cathedrals. It...

  • Site Lines: Great Gadgets

    Like most finish carpenters, I've had my share of countersink bits. In the last 10 years or so, I've grown very fond of one brand of two-piece tapered countersink bits because they cut just the right size and shape of hole for drywall screws. But controlling the exact depth of the countersink so...

  • Lost & (Someday) Found

    I was encouraged recently by news that researchers had found a 700,000-year-old tool in England earlier this year. Seems like Flint-man put down his sharp rock somewhere only to lose it during the Ice Age.

  • Editor's Note: A Game of Inches

    I know this may sound strange.but do you ever think about your relationship with your tools?