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  • RoboReel Air

    The electric motor in this orb shaped device automatically reels in your air hose.

  • Bosch GLL 3-50 Laser

    This new combination laser can be used in place of a plumb bob and to project plumb, level, and square layout onto floors, walls, and ceilings.

  • Greenlee Quick Connect Flexible Installation Kit

    Electricians use long, flexible drill bits to make holes in hard-to-reach places — to bore through a row of joists from a ceiling box, for example, while leaving the drywall undisturbed.

  • Micjosco Ceiling Saver Platform

    Increase your work area — and safety — in attics without floorboards by using The Ceiling Saver by Micjosco.

  • Tim Landry and Dwight Sherman

    You think you've got a lot of tools? The three super-size Berland's House of Tools near Chicago, where Dwight Sherman and Tim Landry run the show, each boast 30,000 square feet of tool space, housing 30,000 SKUs of tools from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. They should really be called Berland's...