More stories about Cleaning

  • Completely Cleaning a Shop in Just over 3 Minutes

    Through the magic of time lapse video see one hard-working guy make an automotive shop spic and span.

  • Makita DCL500Z Cyclonic Canister Vacuum

    The two-speed compact vacuum weighs less than 10 pounds and runs 30 minutes on a single charge.

  • Diablo Demo Demon Carbide Tip Recip Blades

    These blades are great for cutting abrasive material but perhaps not the best choice for clean nail embedded wood.

  • The Vortabrush

    A quick and easy way to clean holes in concrete prior to setting anchors.

  • New Bosch Dust Extractors

    These vacs have self-cleaning filters and integrate with the company’s L-Boxx system.

  • Judge to Companies that Sold Lead Paint: Pay $1.1 Billion to Clean Up Your Mess

    A California judge ruled against three companies that sold lead paint prior to its being banned in 1978 and said they are liable for a portion of the mitigation costs in certain California counties.

  • Not for the Squeamish

    Here is an emergency room video of a relatively minor nail gun injury.

  • Metabo Wet/Dry Vac (ASR 35) vacuum

    The Metabo Wet/Dry Vac (ASR 35) is designed for both the shop and the job site: You can set it to manual and use it as a shop vac, or set it to auto so that it's activated by a tool plugged into its onboard electrical outlet.

  • New HEPA Vacs from Festool

    Several weeks back I had the opportunity to check out Festool's new CT 26 and CT 36 dust-collecting HEPA vacuums. As I examined the tools and read the list of features it reminded me of how far vacuums have come since my early days in the trade. My first shop-style vac was little more than an...

  • Truckin' Around: Pickups from India

    The faltering truck and auto industry in the United States has provided an opening for an all-new entry into the pickup competition here – the first-ever passenger vehicle to be imported from India.