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  • What is Milwaukee One-Key?

    With this new system tool owners can use a smartphone and app to keep track of their tools, produce reports, and customize the performance of One-Key enabled models. 

  • Incredible Computer-Assisted Carving Tool

    Carving isn’t rocket science—unless you design tools at the MIT Media Lab.

  • Optimistic Road Trip

    No doubt, these are strange times in our industry. From manufacturers to suppliers to contractors--even magazine editors--we're all adjusting to changing conditions and the latest reports on the worsening economy. It isn't easy to find good news these days, that's for sure, and optimists are few...

  • Coleman Cable Eco-Logical Smart Strip Surge Protector

    Phantom loads cost electric-utility customers $3 billion annually.

  • 28-Volt Breakthrough

    We haven't seen much lately about the cordless race for higher voltage, since tool companies started realizing what contractors have known for years: If you're going to work with a cordless tool all day, 18 volts gets the job done–but 24-volt tools are too heavy. 'The breakthrough,' tool experts...