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  • Like Disney World for Contractors

    Earlier this month I was in Las Vegas for my favorite tool show of the year, the World of Concrete.

  • Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Max SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer

    This tool is faster and more comfortable to use than the Xtreme

  • The World of Concrete in 60 Seconds

    If you like tools and equipment, then there is no better place to be in February than The World of Concrete. Held in Las Vegas, this humongous construction show fills three gigantic exhibition halls and four outdoor parking lots. For those of you who could not be there, I put together this...

  • New Cordless Electrical Tool

    Milwaukee has added an interesting new cutter to its M12 cordless tool line...

  • New Cordless Concrete Tools

    Among the standouts at the recent Milwaukee media event were two M12 products, the pint-size model 2412 rotary hammer and a universal dust extractor called the Hammervac...

  • High Reach Excavator Accident

    Gil Olson was operating a high reach excavator on a demolition job in Seattle when a 10-by-30-foot section of concrete came loose and fell 8 stories onto the cab.

  • What happens in Vegas...

  • Tools Up Close: Hilti Electric Concrete Saw

    The DCH 300 is electric, so it's reliable and produces no fumes, and it has a hose port that can be connected to a dust-collecting vacuum. Though designed to cut concrete and masonry, the saw can be used to cut metal if it's equipped with a fiber-reinforced abrasive blade. Lots of companies make...

  • Tool Test: Concrete Pinners

    Tools for nailing through steel or into fully cured concrete used to be limited to PATs (powder-actuated tools), but gas-powered pinners are gaining popularity. And there are powerful pneumatics – some old and some new – that have been flying under the radar for some time even though they excel at...

  • Product Watch: Rockwell H3 Rotary Hammerdrill

    Rockwell's 3-pound H3 rotary hammerdrill has an SDS-plus quick chuck that converts it to a three-jaw drill or power screwdriver.