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    We asked and here’s how 599 of you answered.

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    See video shot inside the last operating redwood mill on California’s Central Coast.

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    CareerCast just released a list of the top 200 careers for 2014—many of them in the trades.

  • Letter to the editor: Nail Gun Safety

    A university professor takes issue with my attitude about safety, saying I blamed the victim of a shot to the heart with a nail gun when I should have focused on the tool.


  • Who Cares What Tradesmen Do?

    In the days before video cameras, no one bothered to record what happened on the jobsite. The attitude was: hey, it’s just a bunch of tradesmen out there building things – who cares about that?

  • Cutting Edge: Tool Crib Founder Returns to the Web

    Acme Tools, the Midwest retail powerhouse that created the original online tool and construction equipment sales site, Tool Crib of the North, has re-entered Internet retailing after a 10-year hiatus. Tool Crib was sold to in 1999.

  • Born To Build: Don Dunkley, Cool, Calif.

    Don Dunkley's ToolHound-ness was cast in Southern California tract framing in the 1970s. Ace framers made more money than doctors, and were driven by the relentless pursuit of production based on minimum tools–and maximum skill. Not even nails were spared.

  • Re-Do-It Yourself

    I used to build a lot of second homes for lawyers, stock traders, accountants, and a couple of TV and movie execs. And based on the frequent calls I received during the week from their New York, Boston, and L.A. offices, it was clear that their minds were never far from their projects. They'd show...

  • Ridgid Quick-Acting Vises

    Ridgid's new Quick-Acting Vises have a trigger that frees the jaws from the adjustment screw, allowing you to open or close them quickly to suit the task at hand.