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  • Ipe Clip Fastener Co. Hardwood Wrench

    Trying to straighten and fasten bent deck boards is no fun, especially when you're working with hardwood decking.

  • Tiger Claw Semi-Automatic Hidden Deck Fastener Installation Gun

    Using hidden deck-fastening hardware makes for a neater-looking composite deck but takes longer than using face-installed screws.

  • Starborn Industries Smart-Bit

    When it comes to predrilling exotic hardwood or fiber-composite decking, the Smart-Bit is the best tool for the job.

  • AutoFeed Screwguns

    As a production framer building large-scale projects, I could probably measure the amount of plywood subflooring and decking we install in terms of acres. And while most framers still use pneumatic nailers to fasten their subflooring, the argument for screwing and gluing plywood to joists, based on...