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  • Jackson Pulverizer Demolition Hammer

    At about one foot long and 3 1/2 pounds, the Jackson Pulverizer demolition hammer is easy to handle with one hand.

  • Hilti TE 3000-AVR Electric Demolition Hammer

    Hilti just introduced its largest electric demolition hammer yet, the TE 3000-AVR.

  • Vaughan Tools 15-Inch HookBar

    The typical flat utility bar has a 90-degree rocker head that curves in the opposite direction from the flat end — which restricts the bar's range of motion.

  • Stiletto Multifunctional Flat and Glazer's Bars

    Stiletto's six new titanium pry bars weigh 45 percent less than equivalent-sized steel bars, says the company.

  • Jackson Professional Tools Total Control Elite Demolition Hammer

    Jackson's Total Control Elite Demolition Hammer is a sledgehammer with a difference: One of the striking faces tapers down to about 3/8 inch thick for rough prying — or for concentrating the striking force along a line to break concrete more easily.

  • 2009 Editors' Choice: Muck-Truck Mini Dumper

    Packing the utility of a dump truck into a compact size suitable for the jobsite, the Muck-truck is a pink slip for your wobbly wheelbarrow.

  • Prosales News: Blastproof Buildings

    Safe Zone, a manufacturer of bombproof modular structures and building components, has earned success in some of the more hazardous parts of the world. Twenty years ago in Northern Ireland, the company made its reputation building blast-resistant police stations and 'hardening' embassies against...

  • Stiletto Tools TiBar Wrecker

    Looking for a do-it-all demo tool that won't weigh you down? You're unlikely to find anything better — or more expensive — than the titanium TiBar from Stiletto Tools.

  • Demolition Hammers

    There is nothing quite as dirty, dusty, and plain-old tough as demolition work, especially for breaking up concrete and masonry. The work is unpleasant enough for both the crew and the tools so we try to get it over with as quickly–and as painlessly–as possible. But here in New York City, a town...

  • Pry Bars

    Some bars are bred for wrecking, scraping, demolishing, stripping, razing, and smashing (my favorite part of construction), which some now call 'deconstruction.' Others are born with a gentler side, excelling at salvaging, de-nailing, pulling, lifting, and dismantling. While you may lump all these...