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  • First Test: DeWalt Right-Angle Drill

    Years ago, when I started out as a young plumbing apprentice, the venerable Milwaukee Hole Hawg was the only right-angle drill used throughout the trades. It was big, heavy, and powerful. I went for more than one ride on that drill, and the countless smashed knuckles I endured were a real lesson in...

  • Canadian Flexi Drills Drill Bits

    If you don't have the right tools, fishing wires can be the ultimate exercise in frustration.

  • DeWalt DC927KL Hammer Drill

    DeWalt says its new 18-volt nanophosphate lithium-ion batteries can endure 2,000 charging cycles.

  • Metabo PowerGrip II Cordless Drill

    A conventional-sized cordless drill is a bit much for tasks like installing cabinet doors and electrical devices; a better option would be a cordless screwdriver such as Metabo's palm-sized PowerGrip II.

  • New Tools Preview

    Two weeks ago, we told you about some upcoming Fall tool releases from some of the biggest brands that will be profiled in the September/October issue of Tools of the Trade. Since then, we've found a few more launches that we can reveal.

  • Delta 17-959L and Powermatic 2800 Drill Presses

    The first drill press I ever used was 40 years ago in my grandfather's workshop, and the ones I've used since, during my 22 years as a woodworker, haven't changed much. Woodworkers have always struggled with basic machines designed for metalworking.

  • Panasonic 28.8-Volt Rotary Hammer

    New from Panasonic, the 28.8-volt lithium-ion rotary hammer, model EY7880LN2S, delivers 0 to 4,500 bpm in a compact size of 12-9/16 inches long and a light weight of 8.4 pounds.

  • Ridgid R86111 Hammer Drill

    The Ridgid R86111 18-volt lithium-ion hammer drill delivers 610 inch-pounds of torque and no-load speeds of 0 to 450 and 0 to 1,600 rpm, and 0 to 7,200 and 0 to 25,600 bpm.

  • 2009 Editors' Choice: Ridgid 12-Volt Subcompact Drill With Chuck

    Following in the lithium-ion subcompact trend is the new Ridgid Micros, but it has an important difference: a 3/8-inch drill chuck.

  • Launch Time: Panasonic 21.6V Drill Driver

    The 21.6V Drill Driver from Panasonic (model EY7460LN2S) delivers 575 inch-pounds of torque at low speeds (100-400 rpm) and a high-speed range of 350-1,500 rpm.