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  • Combination Hammers

    Working in concrete and masonry can be fun?at least in theory. Knocking down a brick or block wall, drilling anchor holes in concrete, and even hogging off ceramic tile can be an adrenaline-rich, physical diversion from the office and clients. But anyone who's spent much time drilling or chipping...

  • 2003 Editors' Choice Awards

  • Routers

    Router conversion kits are the latest evolution in router design and utility. By using a detachable, exchangeable motor that can be transferred in and out of either a plunge-base or a fixed-base configuration, tool manufacturers provide two routers in one package.

  • 2004 Editors' Choice Awards

  • Metal-Cutting Circ Saws

    You can't flip open a window in a skyscraper, so we usually end up working in enclosed spaces where using cut-off saws with abrasive wheels will fill the air with acrid smoke and airborne filings. And if that's not bad enough, hogging through a bundle of metal studs in a closed room is...

  • Hand Tools

    This month we focus on the most significant new hand tools on the market.

  • Compact Drills

    You may not use compact drills every day, but they come through when you need to get out of tight jams.

  • Rotary Hammers

    If your hammerdrill struggles in concrete packed with heavy aggregate or while using large bits like mine does, and you carry star drills or sharpened masonry nails to break up hard aggregate, then this Tool Test is for you. I tested seven hammerdrill-sized pistol-grip rotary hammers that take...

  • Cordless Jigsaws

    The cordless jigsaw category is open for business. We compared five models for power, performance, and convenience. Eight years ago, I tested one of the first cordless jigsaws to hit the market, and it was awful! It had the power of a dull handsaw and the maneuverability of a concrete block...

  • 2005 Editors' Choice Awards

    Cracking the code, cutting a new edge, shifting a paradigm, or re-imagining the commonplace are the traits that drive companies, designers, and engineers forward. They are what makes them great at their jobs and what compels them to create the new tools, ideas, and innovations that make it easier...