More stories about Drills

  • DeWalt Brings Some Power Tool Production Back to the U.S

    The brand’s hand tools, power tools, and accessories will continue to be produced all over the world but assembly of some cordless models will be shifted to a plant that spans the border of North and South Carolina.

  • Hitachi DH28PD Rotary Hammer

    This small combination hammer is set up to collect dust.

  • Kreg K5 Pocket Hole Jig

    The ratcheting clamp self-adjusts to the thickness of the wood and the drill guide can be shifted quickly.

  • 18-Volt Brushless Drill/Drivers

    Efficient motors, advanced controls, and high-density batteries make for better runtime across the board.

  • Bosch Cordless Right-Angle Drill

    The new ADS181-102 18-volt drill fits where standard drills wonít go

  • Surprising Facts About Bits and Blades

    Accessories have a higher profit margin than power tools and are consumable – so it's no wonder that tool companies are keen to sell us bits and blades.

  • Behind the Scenes with Bosch in Germany

    Last summer at the annual Bosch power tools media event, I received the good news that I was one of three tool industry journalists chosen by the company to be taken on a tour of their facilities throughout Germany and Switzerland.

  • Building in the Wilds of Alaska

    It's hard not to look up to a guy like Dick Proenneke – he had guts and determination, and knew more than a little bit about using tools.

  • GoSaw vertical panel saws

    Though they're great for cutting sheet goods, vertical panel saws are not known for their portability.

  • Irwin 2500 Box Beam Level

    The Irwin 2500 Box Beam Level has an unusual feature that makes it easier to use: a mirror that allows you to read the plumb vial from the edge of the tool (for those times when it's hard to look from the side).