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  • Web Devices Handi Strap Harness

    We used the Handi Strap harness to lug 5-gallon buckets of drywall compound, and it made the lifting much easier.

  • Tru-Pro Products Aluminum Drywall Stilts

    Ever notice that a drywall guy stomping around on stilts looks a lot like Herman Munster?

  • M.Power Flat Lying Trammel Heads

    M.Power's Flat Lying Trammel Heads have a pivoting point for fine adjustment and come with pencil and knife attachments.

  • First Test: Goldblatt BladeRunner

    Goldblatt's BladeRunner drywall cutter wasn't even on the market when I first heard about it, but it sounded so cool, I knew I wanted to try it out: a tool that scores both sides of a panel at the same time, and makes drywall cuts a very quick snap. I even dreamed about it one night, and woke up...

  • Product Watch: Rotozip DR1 Drywall Router

    Rotozip introduces its DR1 Drywall Router cutout tool, which it says is smaller, faster, and more durable than the competition.

  • Hot Finds: Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive Underlayment Driver

    Simpson Strong-Tie has added a new extension tool to its Quik Drive power driver line for installing cement board, fiber-cement board, and gypsum panel underlayments.

  • Praxis Router Templates

    Outside of a few drywall contractors, I've met few people who could accurately guide a drywall router freehand.

  • Drywall Screwguns

  • Senco Screwgun

  • Mud Bath

    Sometimes you have to do it yourself–and that means taping, mudding, and sanding drywall. Maybe the job is too small or the timeline is too crunched for your sub, but whatever the reason, knowing the tricks to drywall installation can keep your crew moving and your schedule on track.