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  • Milwaukee 11-in-1 Screwdriver With ECX Bit

    Milwaukee's new hand-tool line is growing, with several everyday tools for the electrical and plumbing trades.

  • Greenlee Nut-Holding Nut Driver and Screw-Holding Screwdrivers

    Greenlee has some interesting fastener-holding drivers.

  • Ideal Industries Sir Nickless Cable Cutter

    Ideal Industries has invented a better mousetrap for the electrician in the form of an improved armored cable cutter.

  • Greenlee Quick Connect Flexible Installation Kit

    Electricians use long, flexible drill bits to make holes in hard-to-reach places — to bore through a row of joists from a ceiling box, for example, while leaving the drywall undisturbed.

  • Milwaukee Clamp Meter

    Clamp meters let electricians measure current in a live wire without stripping the insulation or touching the conductor, but the calculator-like display can be hard to read in dark basements or outside in the sun.

  • 2008 Site Commander Tour: Three for the Road

    What do you get when you combine ingenious features, breakthrough products and technologies, amazing craftsmanship, and the best brands in the business? This year's Site Commander. We've built some pretty cool Site Commanders over the eight-year history of this program, but this year tops them all...

  • Product Watch: Snap-On Variable Length Extensions

    Snap-On's Variable Length Extensions get you into tight spaces with a socket wrench and adjust to the length needed as you tighten or loosen bolts.

  • Coleman Cable Eco-Logical Smart Strip Surge Protector

    Phantom loads cost electric-utility customers $3 billion annually.

  • Right-Angle Drills

    A big part of a plumber's or electrician's job is making holes. Through studs, plates, floors, joists, and even roofs, before you can start to run any pipe or pull any wire, you need countless large holes, and you want them fast and with as little effort as possible. So when you're looking to pick...

  • Power Rules: Avoid Jobsite Electrocution

    You may not think much of taping up a dinged extension cord, but this common practice is not only dangerous, but it also could set you up for a hefty fine if an OSHA compliance officer sees it in use. Here are some serious reminders about electrical safety.