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  • Site Commander Update

    I just got back from the Detroit custom shop where we're building the three 2008 TOOLS of the Trade Site Commanders for this year's LENOX-sponsored tour. The Dodge 5500's with their Reading Body units are in a secure work bay at Special Projects, ready for the rest of their customization before...

  • Truckin' Around: New Ram Pickups

    The automotive media recently got a peek at the re-engineered Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks, scheduled to roll out in September as 2009 model-year vehicles. Two words sum up this top-to-bottom redesign: vehicle envy.

  • How Green Is Your Truck?

    Here's something to add to your list of sustainable practices: When your old pickup finally wears out, it's almost 100% recyclable.

  • Stretch Pickups

    Since the dawn of crew cab pickups, manufacturers have created ever larger, more luxurious passenger compartments. Now an aftermarket upfitter has topped them all with its own 6-door, 9-passenger custom stretch pickup trucks.

  • Transit Connect from Ford

    The Ford Motor Co. finally has taken the wraps off the Transit Connect, its much-anticipated import tradesman/delivery van. The carlike van, built in Turkey and sold throughout Europe as a commercial vehicle, will be marketed here as a more compact, economical alternative to the manufacturer's...

  • Dewalt and Ford Launch Tool Tracker

    DeWalt announced it will add to its line of tool security products a new truck-based radio-frequency identification (RFID) system called Tool Link that will help contractors inventory and track their tools. The system has been developed in conjunction with truck manufacturer Ford and technology...

  • Truckin' Around: Greener Trucks

    Truck manufacturers will roll out more fuel-saving, full-sized trucks beginning next year. General Motors and Dodge have both announced that they will offer 'full hybrid' gas-electric vehicles in Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, and Dodge Ram pickups. Meanwhile, Ford's F-150 trucks will get new...

  • Feature: Lost and Found

    Thanks to the Defense Department, we civilians have free access to the Global Positioning System (GPS), also known as Navstar. GPS is a network of 24 satellites, 11,000 miles up and orbiting the Earth about twice daily. By latching on to any three of them at the same time, a GPS receiver can...

  • 2009 Editors' Choice: Muck-Truck Mini Dumper

    Packing the utility of a dump truck into a compact size suitable for the jobsite, the Muck-truck is a pink slip for your wobbly wheelbarrow.

  • Truck Report 2008

    It was a bumpy ride for U.S. pickup and medium-duty truck makers in 2007, no doubt about it. Daimler divested itself of ailing Chrysler. Ford picked an outsider to replace its founding-family CEO. General Motors faced a labor challenge that threatened to send it into bankruptcy. Even seemingly...