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  • Swift Hitch BackUp Camera

    If you're one of those people who can't hitch up a trailer to save your life, you should consider the Swift Hitch.

  • Just Askin'

    Is it even possible to fit $200,000 worth of tools and equipment in the back of a pickup truck?

  • Product Watch: Kerry Woodworking Raincoat for Sheet Goods

    If you own a pickup, getting a sheet of MDF or veneer plywood from the lumberyard to the job site on a rainy day can be a tricky proposition. It doesn't take too many raindrops before your purchase is ready for the dumpster. The Kerry-All Pouch is designed for just such bad-weather situations.

  • Truckin' Around: GM Rolls Out New Heavy-Duty Silverado and Sierra Pickups

    When General Motors recently previewed its completely revamped Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Heavy-Duty pickups to automotive journalists, the event included a display of stripped chassis that allowed the media to compare the previous models side-by-side with the new ones. Last year's versions...

  • Truckin' Around: Dodge Looks to Fiat As Mercedes Takes Back Sprinter Vans

    With little fanfare, the complete Sprinter line was returned earlier this year to Mercedes-Benz, the former Chrysler/Dodge corporate partner that developed the cargo and utility van in Europe and brought it to the U.S. as a Freightliner truck in 2001, then badged it as a Dodge vehicle in 2006...

  • Truckin' Around: Toyota to Replace Rusting Tundra Frames

    If your pickup is a Tundra and it's got serious frame rust, you could be in for some good news: Toyota has announced that it will replace the complete frame on affected vehicles built between 2000 and 2003 at no cost to the owners.

  • Truckin' Around: Dodge Ram Hybrid Pickup Cancelled

    Just a few short months after Dodge announced that it would produce a gas-electric hybrid version of its recently re-engineered Ram 1500 pickup 'sometime in 2010,' the struggling automaker has pulled the plug on the project.

  • Truckin' Around: GM Rolls Out New Heavy-Duty Silverado and Sierra Pickups

    Turnabout is fair play in the automotive business, so after Ford and then Dodge gave their heavy-duty pickup lines a top-to-tailgate remodel, truck buyers could guess that it wouldn't be long before General Motors' fleet of HD work vehicles would get an overhaul as well.

  • Site Commander Sweepstakes Winner

    Veteran contractor Don Hodge of North Little Rock, Ark., went online to look for a Lenox 3-inch hole saw and came away as this year's winner of the Site Commander Sweepstakes. He picked up the keys to his new truck at the Lenox 301 NASCAR Race in Loudon, N.H., at the end of June.

  • Truckin' Around: Three Pickups Make Top 2009 Sales List

    Last year might have been one of the worst in automotive history, but that didn't prevent a trio of U.S. truck manufacturers from scoring top overall automotive sales figures for their best-selling pickups. And although the annual sales list perennially includes the Ford F-150 pickup – the world's...