More stories about Fleets%2C Trucks and Accessories

  • The Work Van That Wasn’t

    In 2008 Nissan released sketches of a radical concept van. I’m not surprised they never built it or that an individual cabinet maker built something similar on his own.

  • Dumper Dogg Dump Truck Insert

    This bed insert turns a pickup into a dump truck.

  • A.R.E SpaceKap Cat

    A high-end fiberglass cap that fits into the bed of a pickup.

  • Elephant Stand Hitch Step

    A step that folds out from the truck's trailer hitch.

  • The Cargo Buckle

    The excess webbing disappears into the cover of this ratcheting tie-down strap.

  • BOLT Toolbox Latch Retrofit Kit

    A lock that can be keyed on site to match any key you already have.

  • A Mind-Blowing Home-Built Dump Truck

    Andy says boredom is a terrible thing, so to keep from getting bored he built himself a home-made dump truck. Not a truck with a home-made dump bed, an entire home-made truck.

  • Truck-Bed Cover

    A custom-made "tent" that's easy to remove and store

  • An Unusual Truck Bed Storage System

    Check out the custom-made storage unit in this this pickup. It was built as a mobile command center for a fire-department, but it seems to me the idea could be adapted to a contractor's truck.

  • Strap Organizer

    Ratchet straps are great for securing a load on a pickup truck, but keeping them organized is a total nightmare.