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  • Truck Report 2009

    The latest word from the world of pickup truck manufacturing is either very bad or very good, depending on your perspective. On the downside, both General Motors and Ford Motor Co. are teetering on the brink of insolvency. Isuzu has quit the U.S. pickup and car market entirely, and even Toyota has...

  • Truckin' Around: Sales Down, Value UP

    The economy has brought truck sales to a near standstill, but there is opportunity amid the damage. If they buy now, contractors can get great deals on pickups brimming with mechanical sophistication (see Truck Report).

  • Truckin' Around: Electric GEMs

    Global Electric Motorcars, or GEM vehicles (a Chrysler company), are finding buyers among builders because they offer a low-cost, low-maintenance, electric-powered alternative to conventional pickup trucks. These DC-powered vehicles plug into standard AC outlets, charge in less than eight hours...

  • Custom Truck-Bed Tool Storage

    Like many tradespeople, I'd always lusted for a shiny new work truck with utility-bed locking boxes.

  • Truckin' Around: Truck Updates

    Dodge has announced an upfit allowance program for all Sprinter chassis cab models to include 2007 through 2009 vehicles. Available through dealers nationwide, the program offers buyers a $1,000 allowance toward the purchase of upfit bodies valued at more than $1,500 and supplied by participating...

  • Truckin' Around: Build-Your-Own Pickup

    If you're a Jeep fan but wish Jeep would once again offer a pickup, as it did with its Scrambler model until 1986, you're in luck.

  • 2008 Site Commander Tour: Three for the Road

    What do you get when you combine ingenious features, breakthrough products and technologies, amazing craftsmanship, and the best brands in the business? This year's Site Commander. We've built some pretty cool Site Commanders over the eight-year history of this program, but this year tops them all...

  • Site Commander Update: Technology

    Here's a sneak peek at more of the technology we've designed into the 2008 LENOX-sponsored Site Commander, which will hit the road by the end of September. These Dodge 5500s are loaded with custom work-truck innovations, including what we're calling the 'Command Center' on the driver's side of the...

  • Truckin' Around: Slime Those Tires

    A flat tire at a jobsite is no fun. Thinner, less robust utility trailer tires are especially vulnerable. Tow vehicles routinely throw objects into the path of trailers, and when trailers veer toward a road's shoulder, they encounter all kinds of puncture-ready debris.

  • Truckin' Around: Oils Get Environmental

    Motor oil, two-cycle oil, even hydraulic oil are going green. Green Earth Technologies, a recent startup company with no ties to the petroleum industry, is selling the first products in a line of naturally organic, biodegradable, high-performance motor oils, including environmentally friendly...