More stories about Home-Made and Modified Tools

  • What This Shop Needs is a Bowling Ball

    It would never occur to me to make a woodworking fixture out of a bowling ball. But then I’m not Marc Kunkel.

  • Hungarian Farmer Builds Working Wooden Car

    It’s not completely wood, but most of it is, enough that Istvan Puskas has more to fear from termites than rust.

  • A Clever Crawlspace Tool Caddy

    This home-made tool carrier looks like something from a prison escape movie – but then working in a crawlspace is about as fun as being in prison.

  • National Tradesmen Day

    National Tradesmen day was created by Irwin Tool to honour the hardworking tradesmen who make modern life possible. It takes place this year on September 20.

  • Pencil Sculpture

    For more than 25 years, Bridgeport, Conn., carpenter Dalton Ghetti has been carving pencil lead into miniature sculptures.

  • All-Terrain Mechanic’s Tool Box

    This home-made tool box was designed to be rolled around outdoors.

  • How to Make a Large Table Saw Sled

    This four-minute video by Frank Howarth shows how to make a nice cross-cutting sled for your table saw.

  • Amazing Home-Made Wooden Scroll Saw

    Miki Ono is a hundred times more talented than Yoko Ono. How do I know? Because I have heard Yoko sing and have seen Miki’s home-made wooden scroll saw.

  • Simple Tools for Difficult Scribes

    These methods require two simple tools; one you already have and the other can be made in five minutes.

  • Happy Summer

    I hope you enjoy yours as much as Kerry McLean seems to enjoy every day of his life – riding around on a home-made monowheel vehicle.