More stories about Home-Made and Modified Tools

  • The Ultimate Home-Made Table Saw

    Hector Acevedo is an excellent mechanic and craftsman. How do I know? Because I have seen photos and drawings of the cabinet saw he built from hardwood, plywood, and a mixture of home-made and purchased parts.

  • Home-Made Vertical Panel Saw

    This picture of a home-made vertical panel saw was posted on one of the WoodWeb forums. As its maker puts it, 'it's not much to look at but it works very well.'

  • An Extremely Impractical Tool

    The maker of this knife admits that it is enormous and impractical – but will sell it to you anyway.

  • Repurposing a Lock Mortiser

    Last summer I built a set of craftsman style carriage doors for my house and decided to use mortise and tenon joints. I hadn't made this kind of joint before so I asked my friend, Gary Katz, how to go about cutting the deep mortises. He suggested using a lock mortising machine, a tool designed for...

  • What's up with Canadian Woodworkers?

    And I mean that in a good way. I keep running across incredible inventions by Canadian woodworkers and it makes me wonder if there's something in the water up there or if maybe they get snowed in and spend all winter in the shop.

  • Sitelines: War Stories

    We go to work every day worrying about the weather or wondering if our crews and supplies will show up on time so we can stay on schedule with our progress and our profits. We love to brag about how hard we work and complain about the tough conditions we face on our job sites – and then brag again...

  • Troops With Tools

    When 1st Lt. Eric 'Moose' Petrevich sent me a photo from his deployment in Iraq, I was blown away – not just because I noticed the Tools cover on the workbench next to his slider, but because I read in the accompanying letter about how he and his fellow soldiers use their workshop to build their...

  • A Tool Is Born

    We often say the best ideas are born on jobsites by toolhounds looking for a better way. The Big Foot Saw is no exception.